UpToDate brings together evidence-based, peer-reviewed information from thousands of physicians, authors, editors, and reviewers and synthesizes current medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations. UpToDate presents a comprehensive evidence-based recommendations that can be acted upon at the point of care. The application combines an advanced publishing platform with the rigor of a sophisticated editorial process managed by a faculty of accomplished physician authors and editors that are renowned leaders in their specialties. With UpToDate, you have access to treatment recommendations including content for 25+ specialties, a comprehensive drug database, mobile access options, tools and graphics and complementary patient information articles.


  • 9,500 evidence-based graded recommendations
  • 175+ medical calculators
  • More than 1500 patient information topics
  • 11,000+ clinical topics across 25 medical specialties
  • More than 6,000 unique drug entries

UpToDate download instructions

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