On March 29th, 2020 CMS finalized a new Medicare Condition of Participation (CoP) that would require participating healthcare providers to send electronic notifications (ADT messages) upon admission, discharge or transfer (link).

Thus, HCA Healthcare hospitals have begun sending ER and Inpatient admission, discharge and transfer information to PCP, Referring and Consulting Providers’ EMR published direct address as of Wednesday, April 28th, 2020.

What does this mean?

  • Providers with a published direct address receive an automated alert via the practice EMR direct messaging when their patient has had an ER or Inpatient event (registration, admit, transfer or discharge) at a HCA South Atlantic hospital.
  • This tool does not send alerts via fax, text or direct email address unless you or your practice have previously opted in for these expanded alerts via the Provider Notification Tool.

Who does this affect?

  • Primary Care and Referring Providers whose patients identified them as such during registration/admission to the ER or hospital and who have a published direct address (HISP). If no PCP or Referring Provider is listed, then notifications may be sent to Consulting providers based on hospital EMR configuration.

What is a direct address?

  • Direct addresses are provided to you by your EMR. If you are unsure of what it is or if it published, please contact your practice EMR vendor and/or practice IT resource.

Interested in Fax, Email or Text Alerts?


  • Contact your hospitals’ Director of Physician Relations or Provider Solutions Specialist for more details.